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  • Why Own A Greenhouse?

    • Spend less on organic produce by growing your own
    • 4-season planting and growing ability
    • Eliminate harmful pesticides and GMO’s from your diet
    • Safeguard your family against food shortage
    • Learn to become more self sufficient
    • Perfect environment for award winning plants and flowers
    • The pure enjoyment and pride that comes with home grown plants, flowers, and produce


  • Our Greenhouses Feature:

    • 100% Manufactured in the U.S.A.
    • All HD aluminum framing with electrostatic color finish
    • Constructed of 40% more aluminum in same length profile vs. imports
    • Sturdy high impact UV stable 8 mm thick polycarbonate walls & roof
    • Roof vents with auto openers
    • Integrated dual gutter system
    • Large entry 48" wide x 70" tall dual hinged doors
    • Choice of black or aluminum frame structure.
    • Expandable 4 ft. extensions allow for future growth
    • 10 yr limited warranty
    • Efficiency exceeds insulation R-Factors for greenhouses
    • 4-Season use
    • 7.6 ft. minimum headroom height.


  • Customers Love Us!

    I ordered an 8 x 12 Monticello Premium Greenhouse from buildabettergreenhouse.com in 2016. I’ve been pleased with the Riverstone product, and the service I received from buildabettergreenhouse.com. I chose this product because of the thicker polycarbonate walls (8 mm when most are 6 mm), the ability to enlarge it in the future (with 4’ modular sections), and the value. It is meeting my gardening needs well.

    Also, Steve Steinberg at buildabettergreenhouse.com has answered my questions and troubleshot some issues in an effective, timely, and easy way. Most of my issues came from the air vent controllers. You must be careful that the vents are closed on windy days, or damage can happen. In the install, the bracket for the air vent had to overlap the frame of the vent window opening. I didn’t do this, and so the air vents didn’t close properly, so couldn’t be secured properly. Steve and Riverstone helped me troubleshoot this quandary. They also sent me replacement pieces quickly to remedy the situation-and at no cost to me. Now, my greenhouse is up and running perfectly.

    Two recommendations I have if you are ordering this unit: one is to never ever set it up on a windy day (for a variety of reasons, we had to and it was hard to align the structure perfectly) and I would recommend immediately including an electric or solar powered fan for the back wall. We are planning to order ours soon so that the greenhouse doesn’t overheat in the summer.

    One recommendation I have for Riverstone to improve the unit is to have doors that can be opened at the top half only. This way, the doors can be left unattended on hot summer days, the greenhouse can get air circulation, and animals such as marmots and prairie dogs wouldn’t be able to get in. I’m hoping that getting a fan unit will help get the hot air out without having to keep the front doors open.

    Overall, I’ve been thrilled with my Riverstone greenhouse from buildabettergreenhouse.com.
    Thanks Steve!

    –Heather Baughman, Montana

  • Why Buy From Us?

    Hi, Steve Steinberg here. Please allow me a moment of your time to inform you about the advantages to buying your greenhouse from my Build A Better Greenhouse business.

    Make it Easy on Yourself. Let Us Do All the Work!

    We are one of a very few suppliers, if not the only one, who offer consultation, site prep, and installation options, making the entire process simple and carefree for you. With us, those who want the many benefits of owning their own greenhouse without the construction hassles or ability to do the work themselves, can!

    Quality First

    I’ve personally researched the many greenhouse products available, and I’ve chosen what I believe to be the best quality and most well constructed greenhouse package manufactured today. These systems are better insulated and constructed to withstand harsh New England winters and heavy snow loads. These four season greenhouses allow you to grow even during colder months with the proper setup. We can show you how.

    Free Consultation

    We come right to your home or farm and help you choose between models, consider sizes, placement, and explain all the options to fit your intended use and growing needs.

    Guaranteed Workmanship

    We guarantee all workmanship for 4 seasons, (1 year), from the completed installation date. I’m sure that I can make your experience of buying and owning a greenhouse a very rewarding one. I personally guarantee it!

    Support Your Community by making your purchase from a local business.

  • Experienced Builder

    & Health Conscientious Grower

    Raised on a farm in Somers, Connecticut, my family grew most of our own food. From age 15, I learned the business end of agriculture while employed by several local farms. Next, 25 years working as a professional in the residential home remodeling industry, made me a knowledgeable builder. Through the years, and personal experiences, my interests have steered me toward educating myself about organic foods and holistic healing methods, which have given me an extensive background of knowledge on the subject.

  • After the Sale

    Workshops and seminars are offered on hot topics such as; Organics, Effective utilization of greenhouses and gardens, Home canning and food storage preparations, Medicinal herb production and benefits, Awareness of harmful GMO and factory farm pesticide content in store bought foods.

    Thank you for considering Build A Better Greenhouse.

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